The Road to Success begins with SealMaster

Some Exclusive Industrial Distributorships Still Available

Are you ready for a SealMaster® distributorship in your country or region?

Ask Yourself:

• Do you want to supply, at above-industry-average-margins, pavement maintenance contractors with everything they need to clean, repair, preserve, beautify, and mark parking lots, driveways, access roads, slow traffic residential and city streets, highway shoulders and rest areas, walkways, bicycle paths, tennis courts, and other sports surfaces?
• Do you want to help contractors make a compelling case to property managers and government road, school, and recreation departments that your products will help them reduce pavement maintenance costs by as much as 50 percent while preserving the safety and attractiveness of their pavements?
• Do you want to offer contractors the convenience of a one-stop-source that helps them obtain and retain more and better accounts and saves them valuable time?

Then you should definitely consider an exclusive full line SealMaster® distributorship tailored specifically to your market.

Since 1969, SealMaster® has perfected the art of servicing pavement maintenance contractors in this way, and has been rewarded with superior sales and profits, both at the corporate and distributor levels. As of 2012, the SealMaster® system has grown to more than 100 pavement sealer manufacturing plants and distribution centers, and some 200 specialized distributors throughout the world, selling over 1,400 different products. It is the only major manufacturer and distributor of pavement materials, tools, and equipment to offer the convenience of local full service locations to contractors, and many contractors, in return, show great loyalty to the brand.

And why shouldn’t they? Pavement maintenance is a time-sensitive occupation, and it does not pay to spend valuable time tracking down marginal cost differentials when you jeopardize completing the project on time and end up with a dissatisfied property manager. In this respect, more than anything, SealMaster® becomes an extension to the contractor’s customer service department, helping contractors retain their valuable accounts (sometimes by “demanding” that the contractor exercise good quality controls). Add to that SealMaster’s institutional and national accounts programs designed to help loyal local contractors compete with more established construction industry brands. When SealMaster® speaks, national chains and institutional property managers listen: both local SealMaster® distributors and their loyal contractor-customers are the beneficiaries. Moreover, SealMaster’s ongoing distributor and contractor training programs help to solidify its credibility with these risk-averse national and institutional accounts.