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SealMaster is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pavement sealer and sealcoat with over 100 pavement sealer manufacturing plants and distribution centers in the US. SealMaster also has pavement sealer manufacturing plants in Canada, China, and Mexico along with pavement sealer, sealcoat and pavement maintenance product and equipment distribution in over 50 countries. Our innovative pavement sealer formulations and state-of-the-art pavement sealer manufacturing technologies have enabled SealMaster to become the world’s number one producer of pavement sealer and sealcoat. SealMaster is simply the best pavement sealer available today.


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SealMaster has the industry’s largest network of pavement sealcoating professionals. Let us help you beautify, protect and preserve your parking lot, driveway or road.

Congratulations to Sebastien Bourdais and Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser Sullivan on Piloting the #18 SealMaster Indycar to Victory Lane at the 2018 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg!

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Knowledge is power. Learn all there is to know about asphalt sealcoating, pavement maintenance and pavement preservation from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pavement sealer, sealcoat and bituminous surface treatments.

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Experience shows that spending a dollar on pavement preservation can eliminate or delay spending $6 to $10 on future rehabilitation or reconstruction costs.

Source: FP²

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pavement sealer and sealcoat, pavement maintenance professionals rely on SealMaster as their key supplier of sealcoating and pavement maintenance products and equipment to repair, protect, preserve and beautify asphalt pavement surfaces including parking lots, airports, roads, driveways and sport surfaces.

A hallmark of the SealMaster brand is our strategically located pavement sealer manufacturing locations and excellent customer service. The professionals at SealMaster provide contractors, property managers, architects and engineers with sound guidance on product specifications, effective and affordable sealcoating, pavement preservation solutions, asphalt repair techniques and more.