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SealMaster truck mounted sealcoat tanks set the industry standard for truck mount sealcoat spray applicator tanks. SealMaster truck mounted sealcoat spray units are available in several sizes with many options to choose from. SealMaster sealer spray units are designed to mix and apply pavement sealers with and without sand added. SealMaster truck mount sealcoat spray systems have set the sealcoating equipment industry standards for quality, performance and durability for over 40 years.

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Custom Truck Mounted Sealcoat Spray Equipment

Featuring SprayMaster Sealcoat Spray Tanks

Custom Truck Mounting consists of fabricating a flatbed with fenders onto a truck chassis. The SprayMaster Tank Unit is then custom mounted to the flatbed.

Custom Truck Mounting Begins with the selection of a SprayMaster Tank with one of the following Material Pump Systems:

  • Pro Air System (1 ½-inch outlet air-driven material pump)
  • Maxx Air System (2- inch outlet air-driven material pump)
  • SandPumper II (2-inch outlet hydraulically-driven material pump)

Manual (PDF)
Catalog Page (PDF)

Custom Truck Sizing Optional Features:

  • Tool Box: Metal tool box with door and latch. Can be fabricated onto both sides of truck for added storage
  • Hydraulic Spray Bar Kit: Recommended for SandPumper II units only – 10 ft. spray width (cab operated)
  • Air Operated Spray Bar: For air systems only – 10 ft. spray width (cab operated)
  • Manual Spray Bar: (includes seat and mounting components) Recommended for Maxx Air System, Standard Air System, and SandPumper II units – 10 ft. spray width
  • Lever – Manual spray bar
  • 8′ Squeegee Drag Box Assembly
  • 10′ Squeegee Drag Box Assembly
  • Liquid Road Extendable Drag Box
  • Rear Operator Platform: Strongly recommended for use with spray bar
  • Electric Hose Reel: Returns spray hose automatically
  • Hand Operated Hose Reel
  • Reese Style Tube Hitch: Includes pintle eye and 2″ ball hitch

The following is a guideline for Truck/SprayMaster Tank sizing:

Tank Size (Gallons) Payload (Pounds) Cab to Axle Min. Cab to Axle Preferred
575 10,000 85″ 90″
750 13,000 85″ 90″
1,000 17,000 85″ 90″
1,500 24,000 126″ 131″
2,000 32,000 156″ 161″