Carl Joiner Returns to Bakersfield with SealMaster Franchise

May 6, 2019

Distributes pavement maintenance products, equipment

SealMaster, a leading global supplier of pavement maintenance products and equipment, has announced the opening of a SealMaster franchise and retail showroom in Bakersfield. SealMaster has more than 100 privately owned locations nationwide, licensed manufacturing in China and Mexico, and distributes worldwide.

With his return to Bakersfield, Calif., Carl Joiner, Jr., is now serving the area with a new SealMaster distribution franchise, selling pavement sealer and a full line of pavement maintenance products and equipment.  Crack sealants, repair products, traffic paints, concrete products, dust suppressants, tools and accessories, and sport surfacing products are among the offerings he’ll supply to contractors, municipalities and others charged with maintaining paved assets.

Opening the business was part of the plan he developed when he and his wife, Deidra, decided they wanted to return to Bakersfield after living in Ohio for about seven years. There, he served as crew chief for ThorSport Racing’s NASCAR Truck Series’ No. 88 Ford F-150, driven by Matt Crafton, leading the team to series’ championships in 2013 and 2014.

He and Deidra also had two children while they were in Ohio, which weighed heavily into their decision to return to Bakersfield, where they both have relatives. “We wanted the kids to grow up around family,” Joiner says, noting they now live nearby aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.  He’ll also be running his business with the help of his father, a close cousin, and Deidra.


Before their move to Ohio, Joiner ran Joiner Motorsports in Bakersfield for 12 years, doing business with ThorSport Racing, among other teams and individuals throughout the nation. In fact, his new SealMaster franchise is located in the same building that was once his race shop. So why the jump to a pavement maintenance supply business?

He learned a lot about SealMaster from ThorSport Racing’s owner, who established the franchise system in the early 1990s. They had breakfast together every day Joiner wasn’t on the road for races. “I always heard him talking about the franchises and how well they were doing,” Joiner says. “As long as I follow the formula, I know I’m set up for success.”

The formula he speaks of is spelled out in the SealMaster Operations Manual, which details how to run a SealMaster franchise. By their nature, franchises provide consistency in what they offer and how they operate. SealMaster franchise owners are trained at corporate headquarters and no prior experience in pavement maintenance is required.  Ongoing support comes from the corporate team, as well.

Joiner’s SealMaster franchise serves Central California from Fresno to Bakersfield and Santa Barbara to Monterey, and is located at 518 Sumner Street. For more information about SealMaster, Call (800) 395-7325 or visit



SealMaster, the nation’s One-Stop Source for pavement maintenance products and equipment, is the world’s leading manufacturer of pavement sealer with more than 100 locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico; licensed manufacturing in China, and Mexico; and distribution in more than 50 countries. The company maintains its industry leadership consistently introducing high-performance, innovative pavement sealer formulations and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. Pavement maintenance professionals, property managers and owners, municipalities and others charged with pavement maintenance use SealMaster products and equipment to protect, preserve and beautify asphalt and concrete pavement. For more information, visit