Winterizing SealMaster® Bulk Storage Tanks

Winterizing the Tank

  • Grease the packing glands and bearings.
  • Flush the inside of the tank completely with water. A pressure washer is recommended for this.
  • Pump the wash down water and sealer residue out through the pump and hose into a container.
  • Remove plug from the bottom of storage tank and allow any remaining water to drain out into a container. Grease the threads on the plug and replace plug immediately.
  • Remove and clean the basket strainer.
  • Turn pump on, with basket strainer lid opened, and flush basket strainer with clean water. Mix up to 2 gallons of antifreeze solution and flush that through basket strainer and pump.
  • Remove battery and store inside
  • Close manhole on top of tank to prevent rain and snow from entering tank.

Winterizing the Pump

  • Remove the rear housing of the material pump.
  • Pull out the lower pump gear and thoroughly wash with water.
  • Rinse out the pump housing.
  • Brush oil on all interior parts of the material pump including gears, housing, back plate and bolts.
  • Slide rear housing plate back onto material pump. Replace bolts but do not tighten. Be sure to leave a gap between the housing plate and pump housing. This must be done to prevent pump from cracking during the winter.

Winterizing the Engine

  • Remove spark plug and spray W-D 40 (or similar penetrating oil) into the cylinder and replace spark plug.
  • Cover and wrap the engine with plastic or canvas to protect from weather.

Winterizing the Hydraulic Valves

  • Shift forward/reverse agitator valve into position to protect the spool valve from the weather.
  • Close the agitator speed control valve to protect the valve shaft from the weather.

Chipping and Cleaning the Inside of Bulk Tank
NOTE – Temperature should be below 32° F when chipping sealer on inside of tank. Colder temperatures will cause the dried sealer to be more brittle, making the job much easier. Please be sure to follow Lock Out/Tag Out and Confined Space Entry procedures when entering tank.

  • Remove clean-out cover from the rear of the tank.
  • Use an air-opened chisel with a 2-inch spade bit to remove dried sealer. Wear proper hearing protection.
  • Start chipping at the top of the tank and work your way down the sides of the tank. Use a shovel to remove accumulated sealer chunks out through the clean out hole. Be sure to chip and remove the sealer from the agitator shaft and blades.

Spring Start-up

  • Tighten the bolts on the pump housing plate.
  • Uncover the engine and replace battery.
  • Put 50 gallons of water in sealer tank and check for leaks.
  • Start engine and pump water out.
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