SealMaster®/Denver Wins Franchise Of The Year Award

Sep 2, 2014

Fifteen SealMaster® franchises received awards during the annual meeting of SealMaster franchisees held December 10-13, 2007 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Those receiving awards were SealMaster®/Allentown, SealMaster®/Atlanta, SealMaster®/Baltimore, SealMaster®/Buffalo, SealMaster®/Chicago, SealMaster®/Denver, SealMaster®/Hawaii, SealMaster®/Hillsville, SealMaster®/Louisville, SealMaster®/ Manville, SealMaster®/Milwaukee, SealMaster®/North Carolina, SealMaster®/Phoenix, SealMaster®/St. Paul and SealMaster®/Tampa.

SealMaster®/Denver won the prestigious Franchise of the Year Award for the first time. Six franchises have claimed the Franchise of the Year Award in the 10 years it has been presented, including five in the last five years.

SealMaster®/Hawaii claimed the Rising Star Award.