SealMaster Under New Ownership in Kentucky

Aug 29, 2017

Jake Bernath (left) and his father, David Bernath (right) appear with SealMaster Field Representative Bob Wallace as they receive an award for the performance of their Indianapolis-based franchise, which was recently named SealMaster Franchise of the Year. They are the new owners of SealMaster/Louisville, which serves all of Kentucky.

Louisville-based business supplies pavement maintenance, preservation industry – Louisville, Ky.””SealMaster has announced David Bernath and his son, Jake Bernath, are the new owners of the franchise system’s Louisville-based Kentucky territory. This is a second franchise for the Bernaths, who have owned the Indianapolis-based Indiana territory since 2007. With more than 100 privately owned locations nationwide, SealMaster manufactures pavement sealers and distributes a full line of pavement maintenance products and equipment, including crack sealants, pavement repair materials, traffic paints, dust suppressants, tools, accessories, sport surfacing products, and machines to apply all the materials.

Previous owner J.R. Blasius sold his interests, which also include a distribution center and retail store in Lexington, upon his retirement. “We’re in the process of introducing ourselves as the new owners in Kentucky,” says Jake Bernath. His sister, Mary Jane Bernath, relocated to Kentucky several months ago to manage the office and to help ensure a smooth transition for a seamless customer experience. She previously worked at the Indiana franchise.

“David and Jake received our Franchise of the Year Award two years ago,” says Rick Simon, SealMaster’s director of franchise operations. “They bring ingenuity to work every day with them, creating efficiencies that benefit their customers and their business,” he adds. Jake Bernath emphasizes the importance of streamlined customer service practices. “Our customers’ most valuable time is spent on job sites,” he says. “We focus on supplying and servicing them with quality, quickness, and reliability so they can operate more efficiently.”

The Bernaths also plan to introduce Liquid Road® to Kentucky. They manufacture it in their Indiana territory, where cities, counties, and townships apply the bituminous surface treatment to make their roads last longer. According to SealMaster, Liquid Road “lasts three times longer than conventional pavement sealer and gives streets a like-new appearance.” Jake Bernath says, “It delivers newly paved performance at a fraction of the cost. Road superintendents like that taxpayers see it and drive on it and know their streets are well maintained.” The product is used on other paved surfaces as well.

The demand for pavement maintenance supplies and equipment continues to grow as private and public entities have shifted focus to pavement preservation versus a previous approach of replacing pavement when it has fallen into a state of disrepair. Customers include contractors; public and private property owners; local, state and federal road departments; and others charged with performing pavement maintenance work.

Market demand has a number of SealMaster franchise owners building additions, establishing additional distribution points, and opening more showrooms, says Simon. With a limited number of protected territories remaining in the United states, no more than 10 new U.S. manufacturing franchise opportunities are available in Arkansas, California, the Dakotas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington. Opportunities for distribution franchises are available in Wyoming, West Virginia, and New England.



SealMaster, the nation’s One-Stop Source for pavement maintenance products and equipment, is the world’s leading manufacturer of pavement sealer with more than 100 locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico; licensed manufacturing in Canada, China, and Mexico; and distribution in more than 50 countries. In addition to pavement sealer, the company distributes pavement crack sealants and repair materials, traffic paints, dust suppressants, tools, accessories, sport surfacing products, and machines to apply all the materials. The company maintains its industry leadership consistently introducing high-performance, innovative pavement sealer formulations and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. Pavement maintenance professionals, property managers and owners, municipalities and others charged with pavement maintenance use SealMaster products and equipment to protect, preserve and beautify asphalt and concrete pavement. For more information, visit