The SealMaster system continues to grow

Sep 2, 2014

New owners have taken over two facilities in Texas and plan to open two others in Missouri and in Oklahoma.

In August, 2010, Dale and Quinn Cutler became the new owners of SealMaster Dallas. The Cutlers were originally slated to open SealMaster Las Vegas, but shifted to Texas rather than continue to pursue the Nevada opportunity.

In September, 2010, John and Marilyn Peterson purchased SealMaster Houston. The Petersons re-opened the facility that had been closed for more than three years.

Also in September, Mike and Irene Bashir purchased SealMaster St. Louis. The Bashirs, who also own SealMaster Chicago, are scheduled to open their St. Louis facility in spring, 2011.

Finally, in December, Kevin and Cathy Gullick finalized plans for the newest SealMaster in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.