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Pourable Crack Sealant

Rubberized Crack Sealant for Asphalt and Concrete Pavements

The Industry Standard. Rubberized for added flexibility, Pourable Crack Sealant is a one component rubberized cold-applied asphalt emulsion crack sealant designed for filling cracks up to 1/2″ wide in pavement surfaces. Pourable Crack Sealant provides a protective barrier against moisture intrusion into pavement surfaces. Pourable Crack Sealant is both economical and easy to use.

Sizes Available

1 Gallon Jug, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


Coverage is dependent upon depth and width of cracks. Typically, one gallon of Pourable Crack Filler will fill approximately 75-150 feet of cracks.

Mixing Procedures

Stir material thoroughly. Pourable Crack Sealant is a ready-to-use material. Do not dilute.


Pour Crack Sealant into cracks and squeegee flush to adjoining pavement. Allow material to dry before opening to traffic.


Pourable Crack Sealant shall not be applied when temperature is expected to drop below 50°F at any time within a 24 hour period after application. Be sure to wear eye protection.

Clean Up

Wash tools in water before material dries.

Unit Size Unit Weight
1 Gallon Jug 11 lbs.
5 Gallon Pail 53 lbs.
55 Gallon Drum 590 lbs.


Spec Sheet (PDF) – English | Spanish