SealMaster Announces New Ownership of Florida Franchises

Streamlines manufacturing and distribution

SealMaster, a leading global supplier of pavement maintenance supplies and equipment, is pleased to announce Greg Polk has invested in Florida, purchasing and upgrading two manufacturing and distribution franchises. He purchased the SealMaster territory that serves South Florida out of Pompano Beach at 1831 NW 33rd Street early last year. Several months later, Polk bought the rights to the SealMaster territory that serves Northern Florida from Tampa at 4901 30th Avenue South. He manufactures, distributes and operates showrooms in both cities, and distributes in Apopka, where he also has a showroom at 2605 Clark Street.

With more than 100 independently owned locations nationwide, the SealMaster Franchise System manufactures pavement sealer and distributes a full line of pavement maintenance products and equipment, including crack sealants and repair materials, traffic paints, dust suppressants, tools, accessories, sport surfacing products, and machines to apply all the materials. SealMaster also drops off and picks up job-site sealer tanks and rents equipment.

Polk, a former SealMaster customer, sold a successful pavement maintenance contracting business in Denver a number of years ago to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a Nebraska cattle rancher. After nearly a decade of ranching, he envisioned a lifestyle not so remote, working among the people within the industry that had been so good to him.

“I wanted to shift to the supply side with a SealMaster franchise when I decided to get back into the pavement maintenance and preservation industry,” he says. “When I found out there were opportunities in Florida, I jumped on a plane to check them out.” After purchasing each franchise territory, he modernized and enhanced the previous owners’ manufacturing, and distribution operations. He also made interior and exterior improvements to all three locations.

“I used to be a SealMaster customer (in Denver) and I was a very happy customer,” he adds. “I have a great team here in Florida and we’re loving what we’re doing and every one of us is committed to bringing the best quality and service to our customers.”

Florida’s pavement takes a beating, Polk says, noting the sun, salt and humidity work together to break down the binder that keeps paved roads in good condition. “SealMaster is in the business of pavement preservation,” says Polk. “Filling pavement cracks and sealcoating parking lots, roads and other paved surfaces prevents deterioration and extends useful service life by decades.”

The demand for pavement maintenance supplies and equipment continues to grow as private and public entities have shifted focus to pavement preservation vs. a past approach of repair and replace, according to Rick Simon, SealMaster’s corporate director of franchise operations. “Pavement is among many public and private property owners’ largest capital assets,” says Simon, adding, “Market demand has SealMaster franchise owners throughout the country building additions, establishing additional distribution points, and opening more showrooms.”

Shortly after the SealMaster franchise system announced a plan to introduce 12 new territories, buyers started moving fast, says Simon. Manufacturing territories are large–some cover entire states–and protected. A limited number remain, unless a current owner would be willing to sell. Since the growth initiative was announced last year, rights to new SealMaster territories have been purchased in Boise, Idaho; Kansas City, Kan.; Salt Lake City, Utah; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sales are pending in several other states as well.

New manufacturing territories remain only in Arkansas, California, the Dakotas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Opportunities for distribution franchises are available in New England, West Virginia and Wyoming.



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