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SealMaster® Bulk Storage tanks for sealcoat enable you to buy pavement sealcoat and sealer in bulk and save. The convenience of an on-site agitated sealcoat bulk storage tank enables you to spend more time sealcoating and less time running for sealcoat. SealMaster MasterMix Sealcoat Bulk Tanks provide the Ultimate in sealcoat convenience and economy.

Bulk storage tank for Sealcoat. Sealcoat bulk tanks. Agitated storage tanks for sealcoat

MasterMix Bulk Sealcoat Tank Standard Features:

• Available in 6,000 – 8,000 – and 10,000 gallon capacities
• Hydraulically controlled full-sweep agitator
• 13 HP Honda engine
• Clean out port at bottom end of tank

MasterMix Bulk Storage Tank Optional Features:

• Three Phase Electric Motor (all size tanks)
• Single Phase Electric Motor (all size tanks)
• Two-inch Bowie Pump (all size tanks)
• Heavy-Duty Agitator Drive Gears (6,000 and 8,000 gallon tanks)
• Metal Housing over pump and motor

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Bulk Sealcoat Storage Tank-MasterMix

Agitated Bulk Storage Tank for Pavement Sealcoat


TANK SIZE6,0008,00010,000
Weight:7,200 lbs.7,950 lbs.8,800 lbs.