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The Aggregate Chip Spreader Box from SealMaster is the ideal Aggregate Spreader for Chip Seal applications on roads and streets. The R-1 Aggregate Spreader is a Tailgate Chip Spreader designed for to easily attach to the back of a dump truck. The R-1 tow behind tailgate chip spreader distributes aggregate to precise depths with clean cut edges. The R-1 Aggregate Chip Spreader features an open type spiral agitator to convey material to outer ends of hopper.

Aggregate Spreader Box. Aggregate Chip Spreader. R-1 Aggregate Spreader. Tailgate chip spreader. SealMaster

Shown with optional 10-foot Operator Platform

Aggregate Chip Spreader Box R-1

The ideal tow behind aggregate spreader for chip seal applications

R-1 Aggregate Chip Spreader Standard Features:

  • 10’ Spread Width
  • 1.41 cu. Yd. capacity
  • Auger Control Lever
  • Feed Gate Control Lever
  • Drive Wheels
  • Hitch Height Adjustment
  • Quick Attachment Receiving Hitch
  • Weight- 2,420 lbs.
  • Includes Truck Hitch and two tailgate hooks

R-1 Aggregate Chip Spreader Options:

  • 10-foot operator platform
  • Truck Hitch- 1 supplied as standard with each spreader
  • 12” Block-Off Plates – to alter width of aggregate spread
  • 24” Block-Off Plates – to alter width of aggregate spread
  • Tailgate Hooks – (2 required). Two tailgate hooks are supplied as standard with each spreader
  • R-1 Trailer System – For towing aggregate spreader

Manual (PDF)
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