Franchise Facilities

Franchise Facilities


The Building…

6,000 – 10,000 square foot building with one acre of fenced in paved area. Building colors are light gray with dark gray trim.


Product Showroom…

500 or more square feet of showroom displays products, equipment, and tools.


Manufacturing Equipment…

SealMaster® premium quality professional grade pavement sealers are manufactured on site utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques. The result is pavement sealer with unmatched color, consistency, and performance. Pavement sealers are stored either indoors or outdoors in agitated tanks for plant pick-up or delivery.



Pavement maintenance products are warehoused on-site at each SealMaster® facility for optimum customer service.


Product Delivery…

Pavement sealers and related products are shipped to customers via specialized delivery tankers and smaller delivery vehicles. SealMaster® products are also available for pick-up at the franchise facility.


Service Counter…

A customer counter near the showroom area enables orders and sales transactions to be processed in a professional manner.