The SealMaster system continues to grow

New owners have taken over two facilities in Texas and plan to open two others in Missouri and in Oklahoma.

In August, 2010, Dale and Quinn Cutler became the new owners of SealMaster Dallas. The Cutlers were originally slated to open SealMaster Las Vegas, but shifted to Texas rather than continue to pursue the Nevada opportunity.

In September, 2010, John and Marilyn Peterson purchased SealMaster Houston. The Petersons re-opened the facility that had been closed for more than three years.

Also in September, Mike and Irene Bashir purchased SealMaster St. Louis. The Bashirs, who also own SealMaster Chicago, are scheduled to open their St. Louis facility in spring, 2011.

Finally, in December, Kevin and Cathy Gullick finalized plans for the newest SealMaster in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


SealMaster/Baltimore was recently awarded a bid to supply a total of 12 custom made logos to the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Please follow the link below for the story as found in the local Fredericksburg Newspaper.

This is the second such project SealMaster/Baltimore was involved in this year. Earlier this summer, The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. completed multiple projects with the assistance of SealMaster/Baltimore; to include safety warnings, as well as nearly 300 custom-made elephant foot prints leading to the elephant exhibit.
12/2/2010-from an email from Tom Decker.

SealMaster®/Houston Re-Opens

SealMaster® is back in Houston! SealMaster®/Houston is open for business under the ownership of John and Marilyn Peterson.

SealMaster®/Houston is located at 14435 I-10 East Freeway on Houston\’s east side. The telephone number is 713-453-7325.

Like all SealMaster® locations, SealMaster®/Houston offers a full-line of pavement maintenance products, including sealcoat, crack filler, traffic paint, sports surface material, equipment and tools.

There are more than 60 SealMaster locations nationwide. For the SealMaster® nearest you, call 800-395-7325.

New Facilities Opening In Florida, California

One new SealMaster® location has opened and another is on the way. The new facilities are in Pinellas County, Fla. and Orange County, Calif. The Pinellas County location, is at 5775 126th Avenue North in Clearwater, Fla. The telephone is (727) 584-1300. The Orange County facility will be opening soon at 719 West Collins Avenue in Orange, Calif. The telephone is (714) 771-7325. For the SealMaster® location nearest you, dial (800) 395-7325.

Changes In Traffic Control Regulation Looming In 2009

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) is set to begin enforcement of a new set of standards on traffic control markings in January, 2009, as set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The MUTCD is incorporated by Federal Department of Transportation regulations approved by the FHA and recognized as the national standard for traffic control devices used on all public roads and \”roads open to public traffic\”, such as parking lots which are privately owned but where the public is allowed travel without access restrictions.

The new regulations standardize traffic signs, pavement markings and other control devices in an effort to expedite traffic, promote uniformity, improve safety and incorporate technology advances in traffic control device application.

It is important that contractors are aware of the changes, as compliance will not only help avoid fines but will also reduce possible liability resulting from accidents due to non-compliance.

To learn more, contact your local SealMaster® at (800) 395-7325.

Liquid Thermoplastic Introduced at National Pavement Expo West

The latest in traffic paint technology made its appearance at the National Pavement Expo in Las Vegas November 21-22, 2008. The 100 percent acrylic water based Liquid Thermoplastic is a sprayed-on cold-applied material that maintains the durability and performance normally associated with hot-melt thermoplastic applications.

To learn more about this product, contact your local SealMaster® at (800) 395-7325.

Videos Available For Select SealMaster® Equipment

Production is underway of videos detailing the proper operation of select SealMaster® equipment. The first five pieces of equipment supported by videos are the SP300 Dual, the MA-10, the TR300, the SK300 and the TR750. Individual DVDs wil lbe included with the operations manuals for these equipment pieces.

Walsh Brothers Purchase Franchise; SealMaster®/Long Island Opening Soon

Brothers John and Jim Walsh have purchased the SealMaster® franchise for Long Island and metro New York City. SealMaster®/Long Island will feature a full line of pavement maintenance products, equipment and supplies when it opens in the coming months.

The Walsh brothers are veterans of the pavement maintenance industry, having worked with their father in the operation of VelveTop Products.

While SealMaster®/Long Island won’t be fully operational for awhile, professional contractors on Long Island and in metro New York can already begin to purchase many SealMaster® products through the new business.

“It will be a while before we have the plant fully operational and are making SealMaster® sealer, but we are already able to bring many other SealMaster® products to our territory,” said John Walsh.

SealMaster®/Long Island will operate from a facility at 157 Grant Avenue; Islip, NY 11751. The telephone number is (631) 277-2043.

SealMaster®/Denver Wins Franchise Of The Year Award

Fifteen SealMaster® franchises received awards during the annual meeting of SealMaster franchisees held December 10-13, 2007 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Those receiving awards were SealMaster®/Allentown, SealMaster®/Atlanta, SealMaster®/Baltimore, SealMaster®/Buffalo, SealMaster®/Chicago, SealMaster®/Denver, SealMaster®/Hawaii, SealMaster®/Hillsville, SealMaster®/Louisville, SealMaster®/ Manville, SealMaster®/Milwaukee, SealMaster®/North Carolina, SealMaster®/Phoenix, SealMaster®/St. Paul and SealMaster®/Tampa.

SealMaster®/Denver won the prestigious Franchise of the Year Award for the first time. Six franchises have claimed the Franchise of the Year Award in the 10 years it has been presented, including five in the last five years.

SealMaster®/Hawaii claimed the Rising Star Award.

SealMaster®/Indianapolis Coming In 2008

INDIANAPOLIS-SealMaster®/Indianapolis, which has operated as a storefront since its founding, has been sold as a franchise and will begin as a full manufacturing facility in 2008. The franchisees are David, Caleb and Jacob Bernath.

The Bernath family comes to the SealMaster® business with a diverse background. David Bernath is a life-long farmer who has opted to leave that vocation to join his sons in purchasing SealMaster®/Indianapolis.

In addition to farming, Caleb Bernath has experience as a sealcoating contractor. Jacob Bernath, who also has farming and sealcoat contracting experience, is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.

The Bernaths are originally from Wauseon, Ohio. They are relocating to Indianapolis and will take over operation of the facility from ThorWorks in January, 2008.