Featuring Advanced NANO-CURE Technology. Dramatically reduces curing time of both Coal Tar and Asphalt Based Sealers.

Sizes Available

2 Gallon Pail, 5 Gallon Pail


Toughness, Adhesion, Flexibility, Color, Sand Suspension

• Reduces tracking and power steering marks, locks in sand and makes coating
dry blacker

• Improves sand suspension and uniform distribution of sand slurry mixes

Suggested Formula Range

Two gallons of FASS-DRI PSA per 100-150 gallons of concentrate pavement sealer. Add recommended amount of water to pavement sealer before adding FASS-DRI PSA and sand.

Formulation Tips:

Based on the above starting formulations and job requirements, the best FASS-DRI PSA formulation is the one that works best for your crew, your equipment, and the weather and pavement conditions. Generally:
• More FASS-DRI PSA will shorten the cure time
• More FASS-DRI PSA will result in a thicker more viscous sealer material

Mixing The Sealcoating Material:

Stir FASS-DRI PSA before using. With agitator turning, to the predetermined amount of sealer, add water, then add FASS-DRI PSA. Add sand slowly.

For complete mixing and application instructions contact Maintenance Inc.


The methods and techniques described herein represent some that have been used successfully to obtain the desired results. All variations in asphalt, climate conditions and equipment cannot be anticipated by Maintenance, Inc. The decision to use any of these methods and techniques is entirely at the election and the responsibility of the user.

Unit SizeUnit Weight
2 Gallon Pail29 lbs
5 Gallon Pail72 lbs