Gator Pave


The Ready To Use Patching Material For Cracked & Alligatored Pavement Areas.

• No Heat Required – Cold Applied
• Easy To Use, Apply by Squeegee or Trowel
• Polymer Modified for Maximum Performance
• Environmentally Friendly Emulsion Based Formula

Sizes Available

5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, Bulk


Coverage is dependent upon depth and width of cracks. Typically, one gallon of crack filling material will fill approximately 75-150 feet of cracks.


GatorPave™ is a trowelable patching material that is ideal for repairing alligatored areas in asphalt surfaces, as well as cracks in excess of 1/4″ wide.

Mixing Procedures

Stir material. Use as is. DO NOT DILUTE.


Alligatored Areas: Apply by squeegee or trowel. Sand may be sprinkled over GatorPave™ to promote adhesion of pavement sealer.
Cracks: Fill cracks with trowel or U-shaped squeegee.


GatorPave™ shall not be applied when temperature is expected to drop below 50°F at any time within a 24 hour period after application. Be sure to wear eye protection

Clean Up

Wash tools in water before material dries.


Spec Sheet (PDF) – English | Spanish

Unit SizeUnit Weight
5 Gallon Pail62 lbs
55 Gallon Drum680 lbs